“oj, dam I feel sorry for the guy that has to kiss you on these disgusting lips”


Selma Björk was born with right cleft lip and she has been humiliated and bullied many times because of it. Selma is a really courageous, beautiful girl who decided to tell us her story.  Selma_Björk

My name is Selma Björk Hermannsdóttir and I am 16 years old.  I have been fighting bullying silently since I can recall myself, but I have decided to stop it, I am done ignoring this, being silent, and I am going to share my disgusting side of bullying.

I do not know what my goal is by writing this but I know that this is tearing me apart and I need to talk about this.

“Did you forgot to be born with a normal face or?” someone said that to me today.

And at the beginning of this week it was: “What focking disabilities is in your face?”

I was born with a right cleft lip and without exaggerating, I can tell you that I am humiliated and teased by it at least once a month as long as I can remember. On Facebook, at the Mall, in School, just anywhere.  I am constantly being told what a great failure I am. Read the rest of this entry »

Sad but true story of a child being abused by his mother

This is a sad but true story that happened in my neighborhood few years ago.
I went to our local swimming pool one day just by myself, I was lying on a bench sunbathing when I noticed a couple with two boys. The older boy was around 9 years old and he seemed like a really good boy, he sat there with his family among other guests. I how ever noticed that his mother seamed to yell at him quite often, with no reason at all, I could not see that the boy was doing anything that made him deserve such a thing from his own mother. But still everything about him seemed to irritate his mother, he really did not deserve those ugly words that came from his mother’s mouth. I could see that this was not his first time being yelled at.I really wanted to interfere with her behavior but I was afraid that he would suffer for it when they would return to his home. It sure was difficult not to say anything but I had the boy’s interests in mind. His mother was being more than unfair to him, I really disliked her.

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Adorable true love story – Love letter and a Song


This is a very cute true love story…this is how love should be.

This man, Fred wrote a letter to his wife that recently passed away, he describes in the letter just how much he misses her and wished that they could relive all the good times together.  This short film tells us the story of Fred and how his beautiful song was made.
Among the things that are written in the letter is: Oh sweet Lorrain, I wish we could do the good times over again.

This is adorable story and a wonderful song…This really is a true story of a love that never goes away, here is the story:

His song is here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/oh-sweet-lorraine-feat.-jacob/id676472051


Found her long lost wedding ring 16 years later on a carrot

 This is an incredible story about a long lost wedding ring.  Lena Paahlsson a Swedish woman lost her wedding ring 16 years ago.  The ring that was made of white gold with seven small diamonds, went missing in her kitchen in 1995.

She and her daughters had been making some Christmas baking and she took the ring off, but it disappeared from the work wedding ring found after 16 years on a carrotsurface where it had been left, she explains to the local newspaper. 

The family searched everywhere, even checked behind the appliances and years later took up the tiling on the kitchen floor during renovations, in the hope of finding the ring, but to no avail.

Lena was about to gather the last of the carrots from the family vegetable patch in October 2011, she pulled out a carrot that had something attached to it.

As the carrot was so small, she was about to throw it away when she realized what it was that appeared to be “growing” around the finger-sized vegetable.
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Love is a tricky thing – True love story

LBeing in love is a tricky thingove can be a tricky thing, as I’m sure you already know.  I wish to tell you about my one true love.  We met in an unusual way, as love often comes to us unexpectedly.

I still remember the day I saw him for the first time.  He walked into the hotel reception were I worked and my heart jumped as I laid eyes on him for the first time.  If you had asked me to describe my own personal Prince Charming, this would have been it.  He has short dark hair, gorgeous brown eyes and dark skin that simply melted into his crisp black shirt and long coat.  Alright, maybe Prince Charming would have been slightly taller, but who was I to complain when presented with something so close to perfection?

After I noticed that I had been staring at him for quite a while I looked down and remembered my engagement ring.  Whoops! Well, no harm is ever done in looking, right?

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My friend Sarah and I used to babysit when we were teenagers.  I have to admit, she was far better at it than I.  Somehow she found it easy to connect with kids in a way that I never could.  Maybe it was because I was the youngest in my own family and did not grow up with smaller children around me.  Whenever I did get a babysitting job I would always ask my friend Sarah to go with me.  We had a lot of adventuresBabysitting Job together, but one memory was not particularly good.  The evening started innocently enough, but never would I have imagined it turning out the way it did.  I was lucky to have my friend Sarah with me that night!

One night, my friends Sarah and Beth and I were driving around town wondering what we should do for the night when suddenly a woman stopped us.  Sarah knew who the woman was, at least vaguely, so we stopped to listen to her.  Her name was Annie and she needed a babysitter for the evening.  There was a dance in town she wanted to go to and when she spotted Sarah she knew that maybe we could babysit for her.  Since we had thought of nothing better to do, we decided to go ahead.  Annie told us that she would be home around 3 AM, the time the dance saw set to be over.  It was going to be a long night, but the kids would be asleep the whole time, so how hard could it be?

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The Accident

I would like to tell my true story, story of my kids.  Our children are our greatest treasure and we do our utmost to protect and care for them but even so accident happens and I wish to tell you our story.  My husband and I have 2 wonderful children with a third on it‘s way.   Ron who is 7 and Marie who is 5, are in our opinion absolutely fabulous.  It was a year ago that we the accident 2experienced an incident that we hope with all our hearts will never happen again.  Life is often difficult and these difficulties wear on a person, we have grieved at the loss of family and friends and all these events affect a person in some way or another.  But, there is one thing that no parent should have to go through and that is to outlive their child.  No one should have to suffer such a thing but unfortunately such things do happen and may God help those who have to endure such grief.  So it was that a year ago we were at our son‘s school, it was the annual ginger biscuit bake and everyone was in a jovial mood.  It was snowing a lot, so much so that people talked about how it hadn‘t snowed so much since 1986.  We live in a rather small town in the countryside, with approximately 1000 inhabitants.  It is a close knit community where everyone knows everyone.  This particular day, whilst everyone was in such a good mood the decision was made that the fathers would go to play football at the weekly family football session whilst us mothers decided to return home and relax with milk and our biscuits.

We had been home less than 15 minutes when the phone rang.  It was Jack and all he said was „get to the sports hall NOW!“  I didn‘t ask why, the tone of his voice told me how scared he was, like something extreme had happened.  I hung up and Marie and I hurried out.  Read the rest of this entry »

Disease and Sickness


I have always been a hard worker and never thought it a problem to work long hard shifts.  Therefore, it really got to me when one day I couldn‘t possibly have worked.  I awoke feeling unbalanced, with pain in my body; I had an unusually fast pulse which was very distracting.  It was a big shock but luckily there was a young girl staying with me caring for my children at the time that this happened.  Me and my husband ran a company together and worked there together but he had to work even though I was as I was, it has to be like this when one is starting up a company.

Obviously, I went immediately to the doctors, he examined me thoroughly and sent me to have a ECG from which everything looked especially good.  He decided to test my blood and that seemed to be alright, I was sent to the ear, nose and throat specialist next as they know everything regarding dizziness, as wonderful as this doctor was I was very much against his conclusion.  His deduction was intense muscle inflammation.  Yes, I had often had muscle inflammation but thought it was nothing like what I now had.  I received medication for this and was advised to see a masseuse, which I did but he was not completely in agreement, he didn‘t think I was so swollen.  Read the rest of this entry »

The Intruder


I once dated a guy that I really wanted to build a relationship with, but after being together for some time, I started to realize that he had a BIG flaw, then I mean BIG flaw.  He told me while we dated that he used to drink badly and did some crazy things but had stopped drinking doIntruder to all the problems he had got himself into.  In our dating time he never touched alcohol, it was not until after few months we were staying at friends home that he decided to get himself onebeer, one is ok he said…. well that’s what he though and me too.  But with the time one beer became one beer every night up to few beers every night and there was always an excuse for why he got himself a beer.  I of course gave him some chances at first but after a while I told him that I could not be in this kind of a relationship, he had to quit drinking or we were done.  He was not able to drag himself from his beloved bottle so our relationship ended.

At first it was difficult to be alone, living in my home and not having his companionship but I was glad about my decision, it was a good decision.  I continued with my life and after a while I felt really relived about this great decision.  When getting home from work I realized strange things in my home; did I leave my towel on the floor when I left home? Read the rest of this entry »

My father’s wife – My stepmother

My father's wifeWhen I was a teenager my parents split, it was not an easy period in our life but it was necessary. Our father used to drink alcohol quite much and it was a huge problem. He had always been good to us though and always continued doing his job well but that was not enough, my mom gave up and I do not blame her for it. Our relationship with dad was pretty good after the separation, he did however continue his drinking and there came a time that his employers told him that they would had to fire him unless he would stop drinking. So he went to a therapy and has not had wine since then. Read the rest of this entry »

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